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NPGA National Champions are chosen once each year in a Champion Challenge competition held in conjunction with NPGA's National Convention.  Does and bucks must be recorded Permanent Grand Champions while wethers must have been named Best Wether in at least three shows.

The competition is judged using a secret ballot method by all NPGA licensed judges in attendance.  Judges who bred or own any of the animals competing in the Champion Challenge are ineligible to participate in the selection for that gender.

Click the winner's name to see more detailed information on each animal.

There was no National Convention or National Champions in 2020 due to Covid-19.

2021 National Champions
MCH PGCH Parks’ Ark Pygmies Peggy Sue
PGCH Jamba’s Pygmies Iron Man
Twilight Ranch Tin Man
2019 National Champions
MCH PGCH Country Critters A Nettie R Design
MCH PGCH PygmyGoat Paradise Lil Shot Of Jack
Pygmy Goats by T.J Zander II
2018 National Champions
MCH PGCH Burntwood Farms Lesceline
PGCH Echo Springs Wyatt
Tumbleson Farm Charlie
2017 National Champions
MCH PGCH Flying Turtle’s Sweet Surrender
MCH PGCH Lil’ Champs “I Am Tonka”
Valle Verde Zeus’ Elijah
2016 National Champions
MCH PGCH Country Farms Just Elegant
MCH PGCH Caliche Corral Top 2 Nitro
Rose Rock Farms Nod
2015 National Champions
 Ahsum Pygmies I Changed My Mind
PGCH Ahsum Pygmies I Changed My Mind
 PGCH Valkyries' A Freedom Rhyd
MCH PGCH Valkyries’ A Freedom Rhyd
 "R" Wild West Pygmys Playboy
“R” Wild West Pygmys Playboy
2014 National Champions
MCH PGCH Goose Meadow Lexi
MCH PGCH C&C Kids Little Legend Legacy
Rollie Pollie Pygmies Bullseye
2013 National Champions
MCH PGCH Burntwood Farms Annabelle Lee
MCH PGCH Dream Catcher Little Wing
Rolling Meadows Eclipse
2012 National Champions
MCH PGCH Goose Meadow Janelle
MCH PGCH Dream Catcher Crossfire

Lone Star South A-One-Sauce
2011 National Champions

MCH PGCH Pygmy Goats by T.J. Halima

MCH PGCH Valkyries' Rhydoerch

B/C Pygmys Larry
2010 National Champions

PGCH Goose Meadow Olympia

MCH PGCH Pygmy Goats by TJ Turner

Goose Creek Farm Valentino
2009 National Champions

MCH PGCH Cozy Cottage Isabella

MCH PGCH Lotsa-Does-4A-Buck Shocks-N-Struts

Dusty Pines Splendid Nature
For the first time, there was a tie for National Champion.  To the right are our co-National Champion Wethers!
Congratulations to the breeders and
owners of these fine animals!

Little Roulettes Oreo
2008 National Champions

PGCH Goose Creek Farm Merl's Signature

PGCH VLM Country Farm Skye's Knight

Valle Verde Rhad's Maddox
2007 National Champions

PGCH Ash-Ana Acres Silver Lace

PGCH Fir Meadow Rodeo Drive

2 Mini Pygmies Silverado
2006 National Champions

PGCH Dinsmore Farm Remarkable

PGCH Cozy Cottage Pygmy Goats Cameron

Bar B Farms I'm Lucky
2005 National Champions

MCH PGCH Loma Linda
Farms Tilly

PGCH Country Farms

The Ultimate Copy

Hebron Farm Silas
2004 National Champions

PGCH Hebron Farms Faith

PGCH Red Rock Hills


Goose Creek Farm

Dark Shadow
2003 National Champions

PGCH Fir Meadow

Margaret Rose

PGCH Fir Meadow

PT Cruiser

C R Pygmy Freedom
2002 National Champions

PGCH Echo Point Riunite'

PGCH Hamilton Annex
Acres Nitro

Harmony Haven Eclipse
2001 National Champions

PGCH R&R Acres Shania

PGCH Whirlwind Farms
Positive Influence

Wise Acre Ranch Coal
2000 National Champions

PGCH Country Farms
Sheer Elegance

PGCH KaBills Farm Thunder

KaBills Farm Robert E. Lee
1999 National Champions

PGCH Furry Down Unique

PGCH Daworth's Driscoll

Cactus Patch Calypso
1998 National Champions

PGCH Lynbil

Pygmy's Prize +

PGCH Whirlwind Farms
No Boundaries
1997 National Champions

PGCH Laurel Mtn. Revlon

PGCH Choo-Choo
Farm Rapture
1996 National Champions

PGCH Christy's
Critters Misty

PGCH Prairie Wood Proxy
1995 National Champions

PGCH Idyllwood Zierra

PGCH Fir Meadow
Doc Holliday
1994 National Champions

PGCH Lynbil Pygmy's Storm

PGCH Christy's
Critters Jonathan
1993 National Champions

PGCH Sunset
Knoll Sienna

PGCH Forget-Me-Not
Black Magic
1992 National Champions

PGCH Turtle Run Saba

PGCH Precious
Pygmies Ike
1991 National Champions

PGCH Whirlwind
Farms Pirouette

PGCH Whirlwind
Farms Merlin
1990 National Champions

Pygmies Neiko

PGCH Pygmy
Productions Chloe
1989 National Champions

PGCH Barking Rock


1988 National Champions

PGCH Picaroon's
Little General

PGCH Sycamore
Shadows Sophie
1987 National Champions

PGCH Misty Meadows
Plain Tweed

PGCH Misty Blue Bayou
1986 National Champions

PGCH Picaroon's Little General

PGCH Sycamore Shadows Sophie
1985 National Champions

PGCH Fort Werts Bryn

PGCH Moonshadow Esmeralda
1984 National Champions

PGCH TPG Bubbles Blue Boy

PGCH Middle Earth Black Magic
1983 National Champions

PGCH Fort Werts Bryn

PGCH Fort Werts Meg
1982 National Champions

PGCH Sycamore Shadows Noah

PGCH Middle Earth Miranda
1981 National Champions

PGCH Harmony Hill Farm Sambo

PGCH Sycamore Shadows Angel

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