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October 30, 2007

On October 18, 2007, the U.S. Department of Agriculture released a new 68-page document entitled A Business Plan to Advance Animal Disease Traceability. Actually, it is a discussion draft business plan that sets out 7 strategies to advance traceability. It is intended to supplement the 74-page NAIS Draft User Guide which was issued last year. The User Guide remains the primary document that explains how producers (livestock owners and breeders) can participate in NAIS should they choose to do so. USDA is updating the User Guide and intends to re-publish it in December 2007.

Before the draft business plan is published or posted on the NAIS website, it is being shared with the individual species working groups, such as the Goat Working Group, for a preview. USDA intends to publish a revised draft of the plan in early December for broad review and comment.

Attached to this report is the Table of Contents, and a three-page Executive Summary of the plan just released by USDA. If after reading the Executive Summary, you would like to obtain a copy of the whole Business Plan, just email me at rhoyt@charter.net and I will email it to you. Also, if a copy of the current User Guide is desired, email me for that document as well.

Ray Hoyt
NPGA President
NAIS Coordinator
NPGA HER Committee Member



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