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National Pygmy Goat Association
Board of Directors Meeting
June 13-14, 2013
Hagerstown, MD

I.       Call to Order, Welcome

II.      Officer Reports

          A.  President

          B.  Vice President

          C.  Secretary

          D.  Treasurer

III.     Central Office Report

IV.      Standing Committee Reports

          A.  Breed Standard (Wortham)

          B.  Health, Education & Research (Orlando)

              1.  NAIS (Hoyt)   

          C.  Judges Training (Kress)

              1. appoint chair

          D.  Public Relations (Josephson)

          E.  Publications (Leman)

              1.  Webmaster (Leman) 

          F.  Youth (Klenke)

V.       Coordinator Reports

          A.  Affiliated Clubs (Adams)

          B.  Election (Crowder)

          C.  Show (S.Seiler)

          D.  Report of Awards (Smith)

               1. Appoint coordinator

VI.      Department Reports

          A.  MEMO Editor (McStotts)

          B.  Merchandise (Clooney)

VII.  Compliance Committee Report (Norman)

VIII. Compliance Hearing(s)

 IX.   Ad Hoc- Historical Committee

 X.    Ad Hoc- Website Design, Online Reports

XI.   Ad Hoc - Meeting of Member Committees

XII.   Ad Hoc- Business Between Meetings/Teleconference

XIII.  Ad Hoc - Appeals of Decisions to the Board

XIV.   Old Business

          A.   Amend section 5.2 of the Bylaws; paragraphs 3, 8, and 9G of the Rules and Regulations; and paragraph 8 of the President’s Job Description for clarification of the types of committee. (Hoyt)

         B.   Amend section 3.1 of the Bylaws regarding meetings in order to more completely comply with Washington Nonprofit Corporation Law (Hoyt)

XV.  New Business

          A. NPGA Rule and Regulations, Paragraph 2, be deleted in its entirety. (Stettler)

          B. Add new NPGA Rules and Regulations, Para 2. (Stettler)

          C. Ratify MOTION BY MAIL #07-14, July 2007 and Motion (by Mail) #2011 -17, May 2011. (Stettler)

          D. New Rules and Regulations, Para M be added to current Rules and Regulations, Para 1. BOARD ACTIONS AND BOARD MEETINGS (Stettler)

          E. NPGA Bylaws, Para 4.16, be changed in two places.  (Stettler)

          F. Changes to current NPGA Rules and Regulations, Para 8, STANDING COMMITTEES and SubPara H. Judges Training Committee, SubPara 1.  (Stettler)

          G. Color pattern or random markings of the offspring of NPGA registered parents not be used to delay or deny the registration for animals with proof of DNA parentage. (Stettler)

          H. I move to add a sentence to end of Rules and Regulations, para 4.C. regarding Rush service.  (Stettler)

          I.  Limiting access to information requested from Central Office.  (Seiler)

          J.  Change to Rules and Regulations 8.L. Publication chair not concurrently serving on board. (O'Kelly)

          K.  Close the herdbook. (O'Kelly)

          L. Certification Committee restructured (Seiler)

          M. Changes to Show Rules: Show Rules G.9.b-c. Youth sanctioned wins. (O'Kelly)

          N. Revise Breed Standard, Section 2, Color and Breed-Specific Markings (Henwood)

          O.  Change the description of Disqualifying Faults, Breed Markings in the Guidelines for Judging Pygmy Goats (Henwood)

          P.  Revise the Registration Application, Color Section. (Henwood)

          Q.  Revise the Registration Application, Genetic Faults Section. (Henwood)

          R.  Amend Breed Standard, Section 8. (Henwood)

          S.  Revise RR 8.L.2 NPGA publications (Seiler)

          T.  Addition to the Judges Code of Ethics (Seiler)

          U.  Addition to Show Rules B.2.  Judges chairing and judging shows. (Seiler)

          V. Secretary job description change, timeframe for prepared meeting minutes. (Fraser)

          W. Publish a listing of all does in Memo that have achieved a “+” status in their respective calendar year. (O'Kelly)

XIV. Convention Bid for 2014, Region 6
         Crossroads Pygmy Goat Club
         Heartland Pygmy Goat Club

XV.     Selection of the Volunteer of the Year

XVI.    Approval of Annual Contracts (Business Manager, Webmaster, MEMO, Merchandise)

XVII. Closing comments, Adjournment

Click here for a printable copy of the agenda.



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