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Judging Scorecard for Showmanship


Scorecard Points


Condition and General Appearance - showing animal not too fat nor too thin and general appeal of condition of animal.  Goat should be well groomed and ready for showing.  (5 POINTS)

Hoofs - trimmed and shaped to enable animal to walk and stand naturally.  (5 POINTS)

Cleanliness - as shown by a clean body as free from stains as possible, with special attention to legs, feet, tail area, nose, and ears. Properly groomed for showing.  (10 POINTS)



Clothes and person are neat and clean, well presented for showing.

Proper attire for show ring.  Sandals, hats (unless 4-H) and shorts are improper.



Leading  (10 POINTS)

Enter leading the animal at a normal walk around the ring in a clockwise direction, walking on the left side.

Exhibitor should walk as normally and inconspicuously as possible.

Goat should lead readily and respond quickly.

Lead equipment should consist of a properly fitted collar or small, inconspicuous link chain of sufficient strength to maintain proper control.

Lead slowly with the animal’s head held high enough for impressive style, attractive carriage, and graceful walk.

Exhibit proper maneuvers when asked by the judge to make changes in the ring.         

Setting up your goat  (15 POINTS)

Set up and show the animal to its best advantage, allowing the judge to view it as much as possible.

Stand or squat where both Judge and animal may be observed.

Set up animal with front feet squarely beneath and hind feet slight spread.

Neither crowd other exhibitors nor leave too much space when leading into a side-by-side position.

When the judge is observing the animal, if the goat moves out of position, replace it as quickly and inconspicuously as possible.             

Be natural.  Overshowing, undue fussing, and maneuvering are objectionable.

Show animal to best advantage, recognizing the conformation faults of the animal you are leading and striving to help overcome them.  (5  POINTS)

Maneuvers  (20 POINTS)

For each maneuver, lead the goat properly according to the rules set forth by the Showmanship Manual.

Properly move the goat in the ring according to the judge’s requested maneuver.          

Poise, alertness, and courteous attitude are all desired in the show ring.

Showmen should keep an eye on their animals and be aware of the position of the judge at all times.

Showmen should not allow persons or things outside the ring to distract them.

Respond rapidly to requests from judges or officials, and be courteous and sportsmanlike at all times, respecting the rights of other exhibitors.

The best showmen will show their animals at all times, not themselves, and will continue exhibiting until the judge has placed the entire class, given his reasons, and has dismissed the class.

Knowledge of the breed (20 POINTS)

Properly answer questions regarding:  parts of the goat, health questions, medications, conformation, structure, Pygmy Goat husbandry.

The judge may question showmen on their knowledge of proper terminology for parts of a Pygmy goat, breed standards, evaluation of defects and NPGA Scorecards.

Total Points 100



  • Maintaining more eye contact with the judge throughout the class

  • Being on the correct side of their animal

  • Keeping their goat between them and the judge

  • Not passing the lead behind the exhibitors back

  • Not walking behind their goat

  • Having more knowledge of their animal / goats / the pygmy breed based on questions asked

  • Leaving an appropriate amount of space between goats while walking or standing in a line

  • Being able to set up their animal to its best advantage

  • Listening to directions by the judge more carefully

  • Being more aware of the judge/other exhibitors

  • Being polite and considerate to the judge/other exhibitors by ________________

  • Consistently setting up the correct leg first while setting up your goat

  • Exhibiting more correct maneuvers, more correct turns, a correct roll turn

  • Exhibiting more fluidity/smoothness when switching sides, moving around the ring, and generally while exhibiting

  • Having an animal that is more appropriately groomed/cleaner

  • Keeping their animal set up at all times

  • Making the (insert maneuver here) more appropriately/correctly

  • Waiting for the other animal/exhibitor while walking in pairs or threes

  • Presenting more appropriate show attire

  • Moving their animal in a forward, clockwise motion

  • Having an animal with more showability today/more age appropriate goat being exhibited in showmanship

  • Having greater poise and confidence

  • Returning to line in the position in which they left

  • Moving their goats into a different place in line correctly

  • Not allowing knees to touch the ground

  • Using proper lead equipment


Excerpts from:
NPGA Showmanship Manual
     National Pygmy Goat Association

This document is for informational purposes only and is in no way intended to be a substitute for medical consultation with a qualified veterinary professional. The information provided through this document is not meant to be used in the diagnosis or treatment of a health problem or disease, nor should it be construed as such.



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