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Memo is mailed free of charge to all current members of NPGA.
Join or renew your NPGA membership to receive your complimentary subscription.
Subscribe to MEMO online or contact the Central Office to purchase a MEMO subscription separately from membership.

Check out the Regional Reflections, Membership Booster Contest, Show Results, and much more.

The MEMO is available by subscription from the National Pygmy Goat Association.  All active NPGA members receive a one year subscription with their membership.  Non-Members may subscribe for $22 per year (US address) or $30 (outside US) by mailing a check to the Central Office (or $23.50 / $32.00 online). If paying online, the subscription fee will be collected by online checkout and your shipping address will be used as your NPGA contact information.


The MEMO is in a digital format when it goes to press. Therefore, materials submitted to the MEMO Editor must be in a digital format. NPGA offers design and layout services for ads through the MEMO Editor for a cost. Please contact the editor for pricing. The MEMO reserves the right to refuse advertising for any reason. Photos and other materials will not be returned unless accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope, and all materials are identified on the back.

MEMO Deadlines

Winter Issue
October 15
End of November
Fall Issue
July 15
End of August
Summer Issue
April 15
End of May
Spring Issue
January 15
End of February
MEMO Deadlines
MEMO Advertising Rates

MEMO Advertising Rates

Inside Front Cover
7.5"x10" - black & white
Inside Back Cover
7.5"x10" - black & white
Back Cover
7.5"x6" - black & white
First & Last Inside Page
7.5"x10" - black & white
Full Page
3/4 Page
1/2 Page
7.5"x5" or 3.75"x10"
1/4 Page
Business Card
Breeders Listing
Classified Ads

MEMO Submissions

Show Results
MEMO Submissions

Show Results

Local Show Chairpersons, or their delegate, are responsible for providing show results in an electronic format to the MEMO Editor within 60 days of the show. If you cannot do this, the cost for the MEMO Editor to format your typewritten, printed, or handwritten show results is $50.00 per event (weekend).  There are new instructions for submitting results, please do not use the old templates. View the Guide to Submitting Show Results to MEMO, for the new procedures or contact the MEMO Editor.

Articles & Images

Please use the dialogue on this page to upload content for the MEMO editor to use in MEMO. Please include your email address and instructions in the message. To upload more than one file at a time, put all of your documents such as images and documents (.doc, .pdf files, etc) in one document on your computer and zip the folder and upload the zipped folder to the dialogue and hit the send button.

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