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Conquering the Registration Application

By Dori Lowell

Wow, it is spring and your barn is full of beautiful kids. Now your thoughts turn toward shows and future breeding plans. BUT WAIT, first you have to register the kids and deal with the dreaded paperwork. Long time breeders as well as novice goat owners seem to have difficulties completing the Application for Registration form. Letís walk through this chore step by step and clear up some of the confusion.

Step one: Take photos and measurements of the goat.

Photos do not need to be portrait quality, but it should be clear and show the color and any random marking. A side view photo shot within 10 feet of the goat is appreciated. A photo of a kid more than 10 feet away is difficult to see and is next to impossible to identify random markings. If more than one goat is in the photo, circle, or otherwise mark the goat being registered. It is hard to determine the one Dark Grey Agouti goat in a crowd of Medium Grey Agouti goats! Goats with random markings should have a photo of each side that clearly shows the markings. Digital photos are acceptable but should be of a good quality and color. No Blue or Purple goats please!

Measurements should be taken at the same as the photo. Height at the withers and cannon bone measurements should fall within the NPGA Breed Standard guidelines.

Step two:

Now armed with the photos and measurements, it is time to tackle the paperwork! Having the following items handy will make this process go faster.

  • Measurements

  • Breeding Memo (if needed)

  • Your Buckís registration Papers (if you owned the buck)

  • Your Doeís registration Papers

  • Your NPGA Membership number.

Ok, letís go through the form item by item.

A. Name of the Goat. Be sure to list your herdname. If you have not yet had the herdname registered with NPGA you will need to confirm the availability before completing this item. Be sure you have listed a name AFTER the herdname. It is surprising how many people send in registrations without a name for the goat! There is a limit of 35 spaces and letters for the goatís name. Be sure to count and donít go over the limit.

B. Date of Birth. Note that any goat registered over one year of age does require a $10.00 late registration fee.

C. Circle the appropriate sex of your goat

D. Microchip number if used.

E. List how many of each sex were in the litter, regardless of how many are being registered.

F. List the Tattoo Prefix which was assigned at the time your herdname was approved, as well as your individual identification. Generally the Prefix is the Right Tattoo and the Left is the individual identification. Every registered goat MUST have a Tattoo listed regardless of whether it has been put on the goat yet or a microchip number is used.

G. Indicate if the goat is horned or disbudded. If you intend to disbud, but have not yet, indicate disbudded on the application.

H. List the color of the goat. If you are unsure, use the color choice list at the bottom of the form. In the effort to make this easier there are now only 6 color choices: caramel, grey agouti, brown agouti, black agouti, black and solid black.  You no longer have to make the determination whether any of them are light, medium or dark.  Along with the descriptions on the Registration Application, a color chart is available with pictures to help you determine the color of your animal.

I. Describe any random markings. Belly Bands, White on legs, or spots, are random markings. Dorsal Stripes on Caramels and Dark markings are not random markings or is the white spot on top of the head. Note that the registration certificate only has a limited space for these random markings and Central Office may abbreviate or shorten your description.

J. If the goat is under one year old you do not need to measure the height or front cannon.  If the goat is over one year you must measure the height at the withers and the length of the front cannon.  Indicate the goatís measurements that you have taken if necessary.

K. Show the age of the goat in the photo and when the measurements were taken (if necessary).

L. The Registered name of the Sire.

M. The Sireís registration number. Be sure the name and the registration # match. Central Office receives many applications where they do not.

N. The owner of the Buck at the time of service. If you did not own the buck. If the same person did not own the Buck and doe, a breeding memo will be required. The owner of the buck should provide this Memo at the time of service.

O. If you need a progeny sticker, circle either the Sire or Dam or both. This sticker will be issued and should be affixed to the Sire or Damís registration papers to confirm registered offspring. NPGA Show rules require that all goats must have proof of progeny before they can compete for the last leg of their Permanent Grand Championship. These stickers are one way to provide proof of offspring.

P. The registered name of the Dam.

Q. The Damís registration number. Again be sure the name and registration number match. Use the doeís registration papers to confirm the number don't rely on your memory.

R. The owner of the Doe at the time of conception. Note that the Herdname on the application must be registered to the person listed here.

S. The name of the owner at birth. This may be a different name than that of the Owner at conception. If a pregnant doe has been purchased, the name here would be that of the new owner. In the case of a Family membership, the registered owner may be a different member of the family than the owner of the doe, so long as both parties use the same herdname.

T. SIGN THE FORM. A signature is required to validate the application

U. List your NPGA membership number. This is needed to determine the fees for the application. Members in good standing are eligible for the memberís fee.

V. This section is for a Transfer to be made at the same time as registration. THERE IS ADDITIONAL FEES FOR THIS TRANSACTION. If the person the goat is being transferred to is NOT an NPGA member then an additional $10.00 is required. If the person IS a NPGA member, then $6.00 additional fee is needed.

W. Be sure to show the date the transfer took place.

X. The new ownerís membership number if they have one.

Y. If a breeding memo was needed and there is more than one kid in the litter, attach the memo to one of the applications. In this area put the name of the goat whose application the memo was attached to.

Once everything else is done, staple your photo(s) to the application. Include a check for the appropriate fees, and mail to Central Office. In a short time you should have your registration papers back and be ready for the show ring! If you have specific questions regarding completion of the application, contact the Central Office for help.


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