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Please search for the first 5 characters of your desired herdname, or the whole tattoo.


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Get a Herdname and Tattoo Prefix

When applying for a herdname you may also select a Tattoo (prefix).  If you don't care what the prefix is, leave the spot blank and NPGA will assign one that matches as closely as possible to your initials or your herdname's initials.

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Tattoo (Prefix):

Note: NPGA will mail this confirmation of this registration to the name and billing address on your PayPal account.  Please include any address changes and your telephone number in the notes section during the PayPal checkout.

* This search is not all inclusive but will give a good idea if your choice of herdname or tattoo is available.  After submitting your application, you will be notified if the herdname or tattoo is to close to another entry or is no longer available.


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