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Youth Committee Chair Vacancy

This position comes open on 12/31/2012.  The board will decide on the chair at the June 2012 meeting.

Job Description

  1. Is responsible for forming a committee of interested NPGA members, both adult and youth, from different geographic areas of the country.

  2. Represents and expresses the views, needs, opinions and wishes of 4-H, FFA and youth members to the Board.

  3. Is responsible for creating and implementing NPGA programs and materials to be used by 4-H, FFA and youth groups.

  4. Tries to coordinate NPGA Rules with the requirements of 4-H and FFA programs.

  5. Maintains an open line of communication with the 4-H and FFA national officers, program leaders and members, and encourages the acceptance of the Pygmy goat as an official project.

  6. Acts as liaison between the 4-H/FFA/Youth community and the MEMO Editor.

  7. Writes an article for MEMO at least once a year.

How to Apply:

A resume, including a statement of qualifications, is to be sent to Vice President April Seiler, and must be received no later than May 15, 2012.  Her address, phone, and e-mail address can be found in the front of the MEMO and on the Officers page.  She will provide a copy of the general job description for NPGA Coordinators upon request or you can find this on the NPGA Committee Chair Job Description page.


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